About Us

This site is opened for miss A, a 4 member Chinese-Korean girl group based in South Korea. We are here mainly to share say A around the world the latest updates about miss A.

Twitter: @missAnews (started on October 10th, 2010)
Website: https://missanewsss.wordpress.com (started March 3rd, 2012), http://missanews.com (started January 3rd, 2013)
Email: missanews@yahoo.co.uk

The twitter account was originally opened with the username @Miss_A_News, after the other admins left, we have changed it to @missAnews. Currently part of the missAnews team is:

Yi Xuan (@kyuhxuan)

Arashi (@cheonsa_jia)


5 comments on “About Us

  1. Please do not only cover stories of Suzy – but also news on the other members. You totally missed the news of Fei filming China’s We got Married with Nichkhun and Chansung. There were photos and I was depending on you to report them, but I had relied on other sources.

    • I’m sorry but we post what we are able to search on. We are currently busy with our studies too, so we’re trying our best to update as timely as we can. I’m guessing the wgm you meant is Fei filming for “If You Love”? We had just uploaded fantakes that we have managed to searched through weibo.

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