[Important] miss A Comeback support

Miss A comeback support

We will be collaborating with Jia chinese fansite, JIAYO http://890203.com<

Jiayo will be collaborating with a few various international fanbase and fansites on this support.

Miss A comeback is soon.

Support includes food support. Maybe a cake, if it’s enough.

Goal = 80 – 160 USD

How to donate:

For @missAnews followers that is using PayPal,

Send money to my PayPal account: Arashidomokun@hotmail.com.

For Singapore Say As who do not have a paypal account:

Transfer money to : POSB SAVINGS : 109-92088-6

Tweet the amount you’ve sent to my bank account to @cheonsa_Jia after donating.

DEADLINE: 10th October, 2012

I’ll send you a confirmation reply after I have confirmed the order that you have sent to me 🙂

Every donation counts. Even though if its a small amount 🙂 Let’s make this support a success for miss A! ❤