[Trans/Weibo] 130728 Jia & drama casts all thanks Jia’s fans (JiaYO) for the food support [10P]

Credits: From all weibo mentions
Translated by: missAnews
Take out with full credits. Thanks.

missAjia: Thank you~ Thank you all for sending your care & love! It’s my first drama filming and you all have done such a great support! You all make me feel that you’re supporting right behind my back! Thank you once again! You all worked hard!

@蒋劲夫 reply: Now I’m trying my best to think of a way to make my belly down! My belly can’t continue to show! It’s so delicious thank you~
missAjia reply: Haha~ you’re exaggerating! Since when you have a belly?^^ Glad you like it~ Thank you JiaYo! The best!

@2PMNichkhun: meng jia! thank you! and thank you to the fans! it was delicious!!!
missAjia reply: Glad u like it!~^^ thank you “JIAYO”




@演员李昶: Today’s lunch is so full, all gotta thanks Jia
@missAjia reply: Where got~ I didn’t do anything! Thank you to my fans~^^ JiaYO~~ I’m touched!


@刘涛0528: Taking it all from teacher Meng, I’ll just go for it
@missAjia reply: You eat more too!~^^ and also thank you JiaYo~


@小何坤坤: Thank you all on behalf of Jia
@missAjia reply: You’ve worked hard too~^^ Are you full?