[Article] Suzy’s interview with OSEN

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[Yu Jinmo’s Theme Talk] The recently ended KBS 2 drama The Queen of Office was popular among viewers for many reasons, one of them being the rediscovery of actress Kim Hyesu who played protagonist Miss Kim.
In the drama, Miss Kim is a wonder woman who can do anything. The character holds 124 certificates of all sorts ranging from licence to operate heavy equipment, drive a bus, repair aircraft and even deliver prematurely born babies. Equipped with all this talent, Miss Kim insists on working only on a short term contract of three months at a time, and always presents to those at her new workplace a “Miss Kim User Manual” that sets the limit on what the employer can demand of her.
The manual states that she will take lunch and leave work at the exact hour, and no one but her direct superior can give her directions when working. Also, preparing coffee, cleaning the bathroom and repairing office facilities are her job. However, nobody can force her to join afterwork dinner meetings and she must eat lunch alone. She will charge for any work done overtime and if she happens to attend any afterwork drinking or karaoke time, she will charge for playing the tambourine and preparing drinks.
If that is the user manual for Miss Kim, what would be the user manual for MissA member Suzy (aged 19)?
According to JYP Entertainment’s report, the private company
is expected to raise 27.359 billion won in revenue this year. The estimate is based on the activities of the celebrities belonging to JYP.
The revenue earned by group 2PM was 7.753 billion won. It can be said that most of JYP’s income comes from 2PM.
Like JYP, AQ Entertainment is an affiliate of JYP Entertainment and this is where missA belongs. Among missA members, Suzy is currently the most active in the entertainment business. Suzy has been doing entertainment work outside of missA, becoming the “CF Queen” last year and this year. This year, she appeared in 25 commercial filmings and earned the nickname “10 billion won girl.” She outranked Girls’ Generation and Kim Tae-hee, other previous CF queens. In other words, Suzy is the main revenue bringer in JYP Entertainment.


The following is a joke that went around the internet describing Suzy’s day. It is a parody of the once popular “Lee Young-ae’s Day” showing how active Suzy is in the CF business.


“I woke up in the morning and drank Denmark drinking yoghurt then washed my face. I applied “tn” toner and lotion and changed to Smart uniform. I wore Reebok sneakers and carried Bean Pole outdoor bag to school. I took a picture with my friends using Canon Mirrorless Camera. After school, I went to practice at JYP practice hall and ate Domino pizza with other missA members and chattered nonstop. After practicing dancing for two hours I drank Vita500. I returned home and played Nintendo Super Mario Brothers and fell asleep.”
This joke is last year’s version. If one were to include all of Suzy’s recent activities, there would have to be twice as many products listed in the story.
Because of her prolific activity, Suzy has been dubbed the “10 billion won girl” and is often described as having strength of steel. She is thought to have strength of steel because her numerous appearaces in CFs were actually only possible due to her popularity gained in her other various appearances in film, drama, and entertainment programs, leaving many to wonder when she has time to eat or sleep.
Some people are concerned that taking too much advantage of her current popularity might wear out the novelty soon.
Suzy starred in the film Architecture 101 and strongly appealed to the public with the image of first love, an image she has adopted for her popularity. The concern is that over using that image might lead people losing interest sooner.
In fact, Suzy’s image as first love continued in the recently ended MBC drama Kangchi, The Beginning. Suzy plays the role of Dam Yeo-wool a character that also represents first love.
Dam Yeo-wool is the only child of a cold but fair martial arts master Dam Pyeong-joon and she grows up among rough soldiers. She becomes skilled in martial arts herself and dresses and acts like a tomboy. Fate leads her to meet Choi Kang-chi (played by Lee Seung-gi), a half man-half monster, and fall in love.
Dam Yeo-wool is the only person who comforts and loves the misunderstood Choi Kang-chi. Knowing his true heart, she gives him unconditional love in an innocent, clumsy, and sometimes even rude way throughout the drama.
The character portrayal is a perfect match for Suzy’s image as first love, somewhere between a girl and not yet a woman. Her image is of a budding woman who is old enough to fall in love but is yet clumsy, and is innocent enough to only exchange kisses and hold her loved one.
This image has brought Suzy high popularity and earned her a busy schedule.
However, Suzy and her entertainment company should take a step back at this point and look back and plan for a long-term future. This is where the “Suzy User Manual” comes in.
The most important aspect to explore is Suzy’s role as a member of missA. JYP Entertainment is the company behind missA and and their predecesor girl group Wonder Girls. MissA was differentiated from Wonder Girls by playing up the image of friendliness and sexiness.
MissA’s popular sexy image is incongruous to the first love image Suzy has built her popularity on. This is a task that missA and Suzy will have to solve in the future. If Suzy’s image is mixed with the sexy images of Jia, Fei, Min, her image and popularity as first love will be lost. It would also be inharmonious to have Suzy as the only member of missA with a pure and innocent image while the other members portray a sexy image.

The next task for Suzy to solve is her acting. Suzy was able to strengthen her stance as an actor in Architecture 101 and Kangchi, The Beginning by successfully playing roles that became her. However, a truly great actor is often described as being a chameleon. For Suzy to become a really great actor she should not remain content with her current image. Suzy will be turning 20 next year. She will have to transform into an adult, something child actor Moon Geun-young had so much trouble with.
In other words, she will have to build an image befitting her as a maturing young woman, which does not happen naturally, but only through mature acting and taking such roles, whether in film or drama. If possible, it would be really good medicine for a budding actress like Suzy to meet a film director with strong passion for film and acting and for her to go through the hard training of become a real actor.
While the next task applies to everyone, Suzy in particular, must take care of her health. Suzy was 18 and 19 in the previous year and this year. At this age one is invincible enough to bite into rocks and pull all-nighters. However, health cannot be guaranteed when there is exhaustion. Even machines break down when they are operated for too long with too much load. How much more would that apply to the delicate and weak humans?


It remains to be seen how Suzy and her entertainment company will plan her health fitness program.


The last remaining task is quality. Until now, Suzy has used her super strength to appear in any CFs, films, drama, and entertainment programs that lay in her way. Of course, those appearances were probably sections carefully made by her entertainment company but from now on, it will have to be more about quality than quantity. Suzy should reduce the number of appearances and select more high-quality works, and set up a plan that will help her build her new image, restricting her activities to what is written in her manual. Following the manual might incur loss at first.


Suzy is a rare treasure that the entertainment business does not come upon often. She shines brightly on her own like a diamond that shines even in its rough state. However, if overconsumed, the stone might become worn off and small and lose its shine.

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[Article] Suzy interview with Tv Report

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[TV Report=Reporter Kim Ji-hyun] Suzy(18) has changed. She has outgrown her original title as the girl next door and has come to present a unique atmosphere about her. At a closer look she has become more feminine. She lost her baby fat and she is soft spoken than before. Yet, she has kept her innocence that takes the other person off guard.
Perhaps it was because of the success of MBC TV series ‘Gu Family Book’ (Script Kang Eun-kyung, Director Shin Woo-chul) which aired on Monday and Tuesday. Suzy seemed more of an actor than a singer. Nonetheless, she seems oblivious to the heated responses coming from everywhere. More to the point, she was unaware how much people adored her. Suzy’s attractiveness stems from such pleasant cluelessness.


“As is with everyone when TV series is inching towards the end, one comes to think a lot of ‘what if’s. I got really attached to the staff and I really enjoyed being Yeo-wool. I think I will miss Yeo-wool a lot. I still can’t quite believe it’s over. My level of concentration was reaching towards its peak, yet the end of the whole project has come so fast.”


“Honest to the people we like, Yeo-wool and I have similar personalities”

In ‘Gu Family Book’, Suzy plays the role of Dam Yeo-wool, a female martial arts counselor, who is the only one who accepts and embraces Choi Kang-chi(Lee Seung-gi), a half human and half beast. Her character is unbelievably bright and strong-willed. She is a tough girl who always keeps a sword at hand. Yeo-wool who is bright and loves one man with all her heart is very much alike Suzy.

“Amongst the characters I’ve done, she resembles me the most and I like her very much. A lot of the fans talked about Yeo-wool which was quite surprising. More than anything else, I like her way of love. I am pretty honest when I like someone too. We both really don’t know how to be calculative in terms of relationship.”


Suzy said as in Yeo-wool of the story, she could actually fall in love with a handicapped person. “I’m sure that could happen. I always act on it first and then regret later. I only see what’s right in front of me. Yeo-wool and I have that in common.”




Some even said that Suzy and Lee Seung-gi couple had the best chemistry as of yet. Suzy and Seung-ki also shared many compliments at a formal setting. What excited the two young actors?


“Seung-ki guided me really well. And Director Shin Woo-chul was firm on it. I never knew the kissing scene would be so provocative. On the scrip it just said ‘Kissing Scene’. The Director called for an intense scene. At first I worried if it would get embarrassing but it wasn’t at all.”


There were few NGs. However, because the cameras were installed in every angle, the ‘cut’ was a rather long one. Although there were embarrassing moments, she considered herself fortunate because there was a no mistake. Seung-gi is a co-actor who helped her throughout filming.


It was the same at the press conference held before the end of the TV series. Suzy, who has the habit of talking before thinking, is not an eloquent speaker. Whenever she slipped, Seung-gi showed a sense of chivalry. On that day, Suzy unexpectedly shed tears. No one knew why she cried.




“Why did I cry? Well… I really don’t know. It was a mixture of everything. I am being loved so much but I fear such love won’t continue forever. Even though I have such thoughts, I really could not help feeling lonely. I cried without even realizing it myself.”

“Scandal with Kim Soo-hyun, I had no idea “

Suzy is the type that rose to stardom instantly. Most of the celebrities these days make their debut after meticulous preparations and training period. However, Suzy immediately made debut as Miss A. Everything had happened almost miraculously at once to her. Naturally, she must have felt enormous pressure.

Fame and popularity entails various gossips. When cautiously asked over the fliers that went around amongst the stock brokers describing a scandal with Kim Soo-hyun, Suzy’s response was unexpected. No one had told her about the details.



 “No one told me about it. This is new to me. I was close with Soo-hyun from the beginning of my career so we naturally contact each other often. We share simple pleasantries like ‘The weather’s really chilly so wear thick clothes when you go out.’ These days because both of us are so busy, I was not able to keep in contact.”

“Stress is an inevitable,” said Suzy. But she does not tend to share it with people around her. Her only way of relieving stress is to get engaged in a conversation with a pleasant company and to walk at the Han River.
“Whenever I feel stressed, I meet a friend to chat. At times, I just walk along the Han River.” As Suzy pinpointed a specific area of the Han River she joked she should avoid that location from here on. The Han River seemed like the only place Suzy felt free.
Singer? Actor? Desire to be good at both




Doing both acting and singing is one of the causes of stress. Sometimes, she feels frustrated because although she would prefer if she did one job perfectly, she seems to fall short in both areas of work. “I one to focus on one thing at a time and nail it,” said Suzy with determination.


“I was really glad I met Yeo-wool. I don’t cry often. At times I wonder if I’m capable of crying. Yeo-wool is a girl who smiles and cries a lot. And that was what made being her so great. Yeo-wool reminded me that I could cry.”

With ‘Gu Family Book’ finished, Suzy plans to focus on shaking Yeo-wool off. She is going to take rest and start on the schedules she had been putting off. She also is determined to lose weight. Weight is something that she checks and is on her mind every day.

“First of all, I need to get my puppy back from my mother. Also, I need to focus myself on the vocal and dance lessons that I’ve put off because of ‘Gu Family Book’. Most importantly, I need to go on a diet since its summer. I am intent on losing weight by working out.


Reporter Kim Ji-hyun mooa@tvreport.co.kr /Photograph = Reporter Moon Su-ji



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[Article] Suzy interview with Osen

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[OSEN=Media Entertainment Team] Girl group missA member Suzy (aged 19) has become the “it” girl through the MBC drama Kangchi, The Beginning, which ended on June 25. Her potential as an actor was proven through this drama.
Suzy strengthened her image as the icon of first love through wildly popular film Architecture 101 and TV drama Kangchi, The Beginning.
Suzy’s character Dam Yeo-wool, in Kangchi, The Beginning appears every time to rescue the half man-half monster Choi Kangchi (played by Lee Seungi), and was well received by viewers for her considerate actions. Suzy made the character even more well-liked with her lovely image and stable acting.
Dubbed “the celeberity of celebrities,” Suzy might feel a lot of pressure by the immense popularity. In addition, she has a very busy schedule as both singer and actor.
During a recent interview with OSEN, she told about how she relieved stress. “I like to chat with my family and friends. When I talk with them about little everyday things, I feel much better.”
Suzy went on to say that “Sometimes I would like to concentrate on either just music or acting. But I have so many things to do, it is just not possible. I am thankful for being able to do diverse things. I think I am fortunate to be able to carry out various activities,” showing her thoughtfulness.


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[Trans/Article] 50 questions-50 answers for Fei

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Fei From the popular girl group Miss A grabbed the attention of the public by winning MBC’s sports dance competition ‘Dancing with the Star 3’ and coming in the second place in Olive’s cooking competition program ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’ during the first half of 2013. Fei armed with talent in singing and dancing, and a stunning face already have caught the eyes of the public, but her passionate and sweaty dance moves and the images of her preparing cooking materials and using knives may have doubled her charm. Today on Naver Star 50 questions-50 answers Fei frankly talks about both trivial things such as what she does first thing in the morning and somewhat heavy issues such as what her motto is. Let’s take a peek into what Fei thinks about love, friendship, family, money, etc. /Editor’s note
1. What do you do to relieve stress?

I listen to music while cleaning

2. What are you most interested in these days?

I have been interested in dance sports since Dancing with the Star 3 ended.

3. What do you see first when you look at a man?

Fashion. I check if he cares about his fashion.

4. What sport are you most confident of?

Dance sport. It is a sport that has a competition event.

5. What do you like most about your face?

It is hard to answer that question.

6. What do you dislike most about your face and want to fix (have a plastic surgery for)?

I do not want to fix anything.

7. What is your motto?

I have my own way. Let’s not be envious of others.

8. What movie did you watch recently?

Montage starred by Uhm Jung-hwa

9. With whom did you watch it?

With Kim Soo-jeong. She was anchor Kim Dae-ho’s partner in Dancing with the Star.

10. Which variety show do you want to appear in?

‘Running Man’ I want to run.

11. Who is your mentor?

Producer Park Jin-young

12. Which one would you choose between money and love?

It is too difficult to choose. I would choose both. (laugh)

13. What are you like when you are angry?

I become quiet.

14. What do you want right now?

A vacation

15. Who is your favorite foreigner?

Angelina Jolie. I want to do an action scene.

16. What do you want to say to your mom?

I always thank you for raising me and I promise I will make you happy.

17. How much allowance do you receive a month?

I do not receive a fixed amount. I receive it whenever necessary.

18. What is your treasure no. 1?

The period of time during which I stay in Korea.

19. When do you want to hate the world?

When I hear news on hideous crimes.

20. What movie did you enjoy most?

‘Gift from Room 7’ and ‘Sunny’

21. What is your favorite book?

I do not remember the title. It is a Chinese book. I enjoy reading romance novels.

22. Where do you frequent?

A movie theatre. I like watching a movie.

23. What do you think of Miss Korea Beauty Pageant?

Um.. I just wonder who will be selected every year.

24. When was your first love?

About a decade ago?

25. What about the first kiss?

About a decade ago as well.

26. What is the lowest test score did you ever get?

I was good at strong while not good at weak ones. I have never fallen below the average.

27. What is your favorite food?

All kinds of meat

28. What are your favorite songs?

I like all music from upbeat songs to sad ballads.

29. Which one would you choose between love and friendship?

It is too difficult to choose. Can’t I have both?

30. What do you want to say on a large playground?

Ah~~~~~!!!!! (I just want to shout)

31. How young or old of a guy would you date?

Up to three years younger and 10 years older

32. When was your happiest moment?

When I gave an allowance to my mom.

33. When was your saddest moment?

When my only little brother was sick. He is weak, but he is okay.

34. What do you regret?

I regret that I did not study English harder.

35. What do you think of money?

I do not need much money, but I cannot live with no money.

36. When do you think you look cool?

When I give an allowance to my mom. (laugh)

37. How many people have you dated so far?

Two. Is it too few?

38. Do you have anyone in your mind right now?

Right now? No.

39. What words do you dislike?

Why are you so lame? I do not get such comments a lot but I do not want to hear them.

40. What would you bring to a deserted island? Pick three things.

A seed that grows into a tree of food, a blanket, and a gas stove

41. What do you think of an uncommitted relationship?

I do not like it. He/She is a bad person.

42. What do you do first thing in the morning?

I do stretching exercises, which is an answer for TV. To be honest, I drink a lot of water. It is good for health.

43. What can’t you stand?

I can’t stand a condescending attitude.

44. If God grants you one wish, what would it be?

Maybe forever youth? I would wish to become a vampire.

45. What do you think of your dancing skills?

I won Dancing with the Star 3. (smug)

46. What are you least confident of?

Showing off personal talents in a variety show. (sigh)

47. If you pick up 1 billion won on the street, what would you do with it?

I would travel around the world right away.

48. If you are born as an animal, what would you be?

I just would like to fly instead of staying on the land.

49. What if one of your friends confesses love to you?

No way. It never happened before.

50. What do men say about you?

I hear them say I am attractive rather than I am pretty.

[Trans/Article] Fei’s performance on DWTS 3 wows judges


Girl group miss A’s Fei aroused cheers for her hot Tango performance.

On the Dancing with the Star 3 broadcast that aired on April 19th, Fei graced her performance with her beauty and dance sports skill.

Fei performed lovely tango to the OST to movie ‘Sister Act’, ‘I Will Follow Him’. Fei’s neat black dress showing her back made her performance even more attractive.

She captured not only the judges’ but the audiences’ heart too after completing the difficult tango.

To this, Park Sangwon said “I’m anticipating how will Sister Act’s OST expressed in tango. I can feel the intense tango after I watched your performance. Your breathing both are good”

Alex Kim praised by saying “The tango was good. You have a good balance and it was artistry”. While Kim Joowon highly praising them with “I’m impressed how you can express the song sang by the nuns with intense yet lovely tango. Power, flexibility, emotions, nothing lacking. Everything is perfect.”

Translated by jiha@missAnews
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[Trans/Article] 130322 miss A’s Fei wants Kim Sooro’s pelvis

Translated by jiha@missAnews
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Fei and her partner took a challenge on samba on MBC ‘Dancing with the Star 3’ which was aired at 22th March.

Fei was practicing her pelvis when she got frustrated and said the practices didn’t work. Fei sighed “Now I know that my body is not as flexible. Why is my body so stiff. I’m shocked.”

In the end, Fei stopped from practicing and said to Kim Sooro “I want your pelvis” that brought laughter.

[Trans/Article] 130320 Jia accidentally hurt herself during KBS Let’s Go Dream Team filming in Vietnam[2P]

Translated by Iwase Kenz

Today during  filming for “Let’s go dream team”, Jia suddenly had an accident.
After Minho left, this morning, Jia (missA), Dongjun (Ze:A)
and other Korean stars still continue filming for the show Let’s go dream
team. However,at 11 o’clock, Jia had a small accident when playing, she slipped and put her finger to handle her body. Jia’s finger is bleeding a lot and had to bandaged & now the crew  is temporary cancelling the filming

ia-missa-bi-thuong-phai-hoan-ghi-hinh-o-viet-nam (1)


[Trans/Article] 130319 Min showcase her kkab dance on Reckless Family 2[1P]

Trans by Jiha@missAnews

Take Out With Credits20130319001032_0

miss A min proves she is better at ‘kkab’ than ‘Kkab Kwon’.

At the filming of MBC ‘Reckless Family 2’, Min made Kwak Hyunhwa and BTOB’s Minhyuk laugh when she presents her individual skill, which was ‘kkab’ dance, with full confidence.

That day, Min danced to the best girl group SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ and Secret’s ‘Shy Boy’ that is popular cute song. She danced to the songs in ‘kkab’ with overflowing confidence and power making the whole set burst out laughing.

In the mean time, the crew said girl group these day seems to hide their individual skill and we can’t see them. However, they praised Min saying “She’s different. She is a true professional.” and “She is born to do variety”.

Min’s power ‘kkab’ dance can be watch on ‘Reckless Family season 2’ this 19th at 6PM.


Original article here

[Trans/Article] 130315 miss A’s Fei has transformed to a charming pink lady

Translated by kjm1022@missAnews

Take out with Credits!20130315_1363353541_54990100_1



Girl group miss A’s Fei has transformed to a charming pink lady.

Fei challenges sports dance for the first in MBC ‘Dancing with the Star season 3’ that will be broadcast on 15th.

Fei who majored traditional dance in China and who usually boasting about her excellent dance skills stated before the real stage “I appear (in this program) as the members suggested. I want to dance well to any dance but this is very different from the dance that I learnt. I’m still not familiar with it but the real stage is more intense and different from what I expected.”

Fei who transformed into cute girl by wearing a hot pink dress dances to ‘Swing My Lady’ firing her lovely charm. Fei and her partner aroused screams from the audiences for dancing hard movements without difficulties.

Jury Kim Sangwon commented “You threw the nervous feeling away on the first stage. I can feel pink lady’s charm.” and Alex Kim said “It was a light stage consisting jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. It will be a better performance if you match your breathing with the partner.”

Kim Joowon praised “You able to dance the difficult moves easily. You are this good for the first week, how good you will be in the future. I already looking forward for you.”

Fei cheerfully said after the judge ended “I was not nervous when preparing but as soon as I stand on the stage I was very nervous.”

‘Dancing with the Star’ is Korea version of England’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ that pairs celebrities with sports dancers challenging various dance genre every week. The winners for season 1 and 2 are singer Moon Heejun and actress Choi Yeojin respectively.

*Original Article Here