☆ miss A Official Websites

 JYP Entertainment
AQ Entertainment
miss A
miss A YouTube channel

☆ miss A Official Twitter Accounts

 Min @missA_min
Fei @missA_fei
Jia @missA_jia
Suzy @missA_suzy

☆ miss A Official Weibo Accounts

 Min missAmin
Fei missAfei
Jia missAjia
Suzy missAsuzy

☆ miss A Official me2day Accounts

 Min minbymissa
Fei feibymissa
Jia jiabymissa
Suzy suzybymissa

☆ miss A Instagram Accounts

 Min therealminnn
Jia mjbaby0203
Fei ff0427

☆ miss A Cafe

 Daum FanCafe

☆ miss A Fans Community, SAY A

 International forum, Ultimate Adora:
Chinese forum, missA中文网:
French forum, miss A France:
Thailand forum, miss A-TH:
Vietnam forum, miss A Vietnamese Fansite:
Philippines forum, miss A Ph:
Hong Kong forum, miss A 香港首站:
Chinese fansite, missA中国首站 missin’A:
Baidu Tieba, missA组合:
Hispanic Fanbase:
Brazil News Blog, miss A Brasil:
Japan Fan Blog, miss A Japan:
Jia Chinese fansite, 佳YO:
Fei Korean fansite, A_fei:
Suzy Korean fansite, Baechimi:

Credits: miss A Soompi


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