[Trans] 140701 miss A 4 years debut anniversary!

Translated by: missAnews, missA初心站, 裴秀智吧官方微博, @fyjypnation
Please take out with full and proper credits thanks!

Fei: #missa4years# It’s already been 7 years coming to korea~ In between the 7 years, more than half of the time was spent together with them~ Among all the missA pictures this was my favorite~ I hope in the next 5 years, 10 years, we will still smile and hold our hands together just like in the picture , walk together with our beloved say A~ Thank you all~ Love you all~ #missA4yearsdebutanniversary# #4everwithmissA#



Jia: 4 years already~ It’s really hard to believe that we have debuted for 4 years! The newly debut feeling feels like it was yesterday! In the 4 years we are still lacking a lot~ But all of us are doing this very seriously’ Thank you all for all the continuous love and support~ I hope we can keep on walking together! #4everwithmissA#

@missA_jia: miss A has debuted 4 years already~ Thought it feels line we have just debuted not long ago! So many things happened in the 4 years~ sad, happy, surprises… Me, I’m lacking in lots of things, I’ve met my other 3 members and had miss A, therefore I’m happy!

[In screenshot] Conversation with Min
Min: “Today is our 4th anniversary. Let’s hwaiting from now on, as well!!!!!! Wo ai ni”
Jia: “Aww~~ our Minyeo~ Remembered and to unnie ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
Min: “Remember what?”
Jia: “That we debuted on July 1st!ㅋㅋ”
Jia: “4 years really went by too quickly~ there were lots of difficult and happy times~~”
Jia: “The 4 of us, let’s hwaiting together~~”
Jia: “Unnie is always sorry and I love you~”


Suzy comment on official cafe:
Thank you everyone ❤️ Hi everybody I’m suzy^^! Is everyone still alive? I am also thinking about you all everyday ^o^ ! Realize I’ve been going less to fan forums, DC…. sorry ㅠㅠㅠ Just like that it’s our 4 years anniversary already, time passes really fast. Thank you all so much !!!!!! I really wish to comeback soon to see you all Love U





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