[Trans/Weibo] 140623 Fei & Jia weibo updates [8P]

Translated by: missAnews
Please take out with full and proper credits thanks!

Fei: Beijing I’m coming

Jia: #One & A Half Summer# 7:30PM I don’t have to say it already right!

Jia: #One & A Half Summer# Have you all seen the power of a study nerd?

Jia: #One & A Half Summer# You all asked me whether I’ve ate the pork! I just wanna say: Till the end I have ate one whole bowl of noodle and I haven’t seen a single pork!

Fei: Thank you for all your support~~ Everyone was too excited and took everything~ There’s only these left @王霏霏吧_wangfeifeibar





Fei: Surprised to see apples under the hotel~ The most important thing is that it’s little apples~ You are my little small apple.


Fei: Morning~



Jia: during min’s birthday party, I just came out from the toilet~ Then these people just ran to hug me to take a picture together! Look at my pose hahaha



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