[Trans/Weibo] 140607-09 Jia & Fei weibo updates [3P]

Translated by: missAnews
Please take out with full and proper credits thanks!

Jia: Tomorrow’s exam already~ Students that are still studying now~ Chill down, don’t get nervous tomorrow! Do your best! Good luck, you can do it! Cheer for yourself before you go into the exam hall!

Fei: @张俪 happy birthday beautiful liz~ our meeting was a beautiful fate~~ I wanted to put a picture of us 2 only~~ but there’s none! So sad~ So I can only put a picture of the 4 of us~ We must take lots of picture together the next time we meet~ Enjoy and eat drink more on your birthday~


Fei: @刘忻 Happy birthday~~~ We both have not seen for a really long time~ I wanted to put a picture of both of us but I went through the whole computer and still couldn’t find it~ But seeing you being happier than before makes me feel happy for you~ Let’s talk next time when I’ll go Beijing to see you

Fei: Gonna record a new episode of Idol True Colours today! Read the script yesterday, I’ve not spoke korean for a while, my tongue’s twisted again.. especially Zhou Mi hahahahahah


Jia: The little “7” that I’ve saved that day by the road side is now fully recovered~ It’s so cheerful, climbing around me, can you all see where’s she? Now we’re waiting for a new owner to find her!



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