[Pictures] 2014 HEC Korea Festival in Vietnam Press Conference – miss A[23P]


7e4df4a9-d2d4-4a5d-8b4e-c5fd05c26e2a 87cf4a3b-bf3e-4fcc-9aa0-9356ed7b8d7b 99ae1ac5-efe0-4aee-9121-3fd543e3fd35 905f49bb-3211-4ff5-9e6c-324e84463e5a 2922a58d-346e-41cd-ac22-cc72769935c5 20140322-0605-missa2 20140322-0616-suzy 20140322-0617-jia 1395481116-1 1395481116-3 1395481116-4 1395481116-5 1395481116-6 IMG_3227-b44fa IMG_3229-b44fa IMG_3231-b44fa IMG_3238-b44fa IMG_3243-b44fa IMG_3252-b44fa IMG-9284-JPG-5903-1395488685 IMG-9288-JPG-6538-1395488686 IMG-9289-JPG-3643-1395488686




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