[Trans/Weibo] 140125-140203 Jia and Fei weibo updates [14P]

Translated by: missAnews
Please take out with full credits. Thanks.

Jia: Thank you Hong Kong fans~ love you all #missa hong kong#





Jia: Thank you~ Thank you all for celebrating my birthday in advance~ Thank you all for attending fans party~ Other than thanking I really have no idea what to say~ Thank you all, that’s why you all gave us a high stage~^^ love you all


Fei: Miss A first concert has ended well! Today is such a memorable day! Thank you to all sayA that cameo and also friends and our parents! Love you all!!!!!




Jia: There’s so many nice pictures and videos that was taken yesterday on Hong Kong’s concert. Post it up okay!^^ I really wanna see pictures y’all have taken!

Jia: Night


Jia: Chinese New Year Eve~ Hope everyone have a full new year^^ Hope everything goes well on 2014! Happy new year


Jia: My dad looks handsome when he’s young! The hat he’s wearing haha!


Jia: Bowing deeply. Thank you. Everyone that helped me last year, and also friends that like me, and don’t like me. There’s only me when there’s you! All the best for 2014!


Fei: Feels so warm spending the new year’s with my family! I’m now happy and blessed~ Wish everyone happy and all the wish come true on 2014!


Fei: @missA佳 my dearest happy birthday! Growing an age older! Our friendship got into another deeper level ♥♥♥ I wanted to post a picture of both of us up but only I realize this phone doesn’t have a picture of us. So I’ll post a picture of me then. Hope there will always be me on your future road keke. I really realize I’m so….

Jia replied: Haha. Your phone don’t have our pictures but there’s a lot in my phone, what does this shows? I love you more than you love me haha, just kidding! Thank you, your selfie took it well~



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