[Trans/Twitter/Weibo] 131212-28 Jia twitter & weibo updates [5P]

Credits: Jia twitter & weibo
Translated by: missAnews & http://www.weibo.com/missacn

Please take out with full credits thanks!

@missA_jia: Have you all watched Gayo Daechukjae and Sketchbook well!? keke I also went and watch the tv once I reached back home~ke If it wasn’t well enough I’ll do even better tomorrow~ All the artists also had a great stage today!< See you tomorrow & the day after tomorrow^^ Goodnight

missAjia: Thank you to everyone that came and support the recording for “Your Face Sounds Familiar”! You all did well^^

missAjia: Goodnight. Today’s so happy


missAjia: Our team onni oba are the best^^


missAjia: Today’s first fansign event at Hong Kong is so memorable! You all are so warm! Thank you all~ After the fansign I went shopping & also ate pork rice! Ate well and also shopped well! I love HK| See you on Jan 25th!


missAjia: Wow looking at this I started to get nervous! Have to get ready well~


missAjia: Always stay by my side and sit with me good baby~


missAjia: Tang yuen tang yuen. I like to eat tang yuen without the filling, what about you all?

missAjia: Everyone’s so busy today! Raise your hands if you have watched our performance on KBS Gayo Daechukjae and Hunan TV Day Day Up! My Hunan slang is still quite right, right?


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