[Trans/Twitter] 131123-26 miss A twitter updates [6P]

Credits: miss A twitter
Translated by: http://www.missacn.com
Take out with full credits thanks!

@missA_min: Eat well 🙂

@missA_min: Came to watch our mom’s performance! #danchu


@missA_min: Today’s really happy. Thank you. It’s cold so hurry and go back home and cover up yourself with a blanket!

@missA_min: Dyed my hair. First time dying it in this colour +_+


@missA_fei: Please eat well^^ miss A buy for you^^ Send “miss A” to #0505 today too~


@missA_jia: Eat well.


@missA_jia: Came back to korea, it’s raining, sad day~

@missA_suzy: It’s nothing much
But hope you’ll eat it well..!
Those who came to today’s fansign
Today’s happy too
Take care on the way back home
I can hear your voices.


@missA_suzy: We have arrived at Beijing 🙂
Arrived at Beijing !
This picture was taken at music bank waiting room
tie-ing my hair *—*(?)



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