[Trans/Twitter] 131121-22 miss A twitter updates [7P]

Credits: miss A twitter
Translated by: http://www.weibo.com/missacn / @FeithfulsayA / missAnews
Take our with full credits thanks!

@missA_min: San E album daebak. ah so goodddddd

@missA_min: Although there’s no live airing today but I heard we won 1st place on MCD!!!!! thank you all.. Thank you all. #HUSH #missA #sayA

@missA_min: Got 1st for Music Bank. I love you grandma & dad. All the staffs you all worked hard.


@missA_min: I’m so happy being with you all for all this time. I will miss you all. Because there’s another schedule so I can’t cry. (kekeke) I will never forget those supporting us by our side & those from far away. hehe


@missA_fei: “Not” based on true story !! Really good !♥


@missA_fei: From 2010 so far with weeping and laughing with AQ fam freak! today is a very happy and sad! This last family AQ group photo? ㅠㅠ Three and a half years was really ~ I love you ~♥


@missA_jia: Although there’s no MCD today~ But I’ve heard miss A #HUSH won 1st place!! Thank you so much!!😚☝

️@missA_jia: Simsimtapa’s ment is really good! Today ke is really fun!! ke Goodnight! ke


@missA_jia: #HUSH won 1st place on Music Bank! All the unni & oppa ok our team that helped on the fans around us, fans from all around the world that loved us, our members~ thank you so much❤️


@missA_suzy: Thank you and thank you and thank you.
I love you all.



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