[Trans/Twitter] 131119 Min, Fei & Jia twitter updates [3P]

Credits: Min, Fei & Jia twitter
Translated by: http://www.weibo.com/missacn / @JIAYO890203 / missAnews
Please take out with full credits thanks!

@missA_min: Have read all the messages. There’s a Writer among our fans. Thank you thank you thank you gracias.. #sayA #missA #hush #2min0


@missA_min: Just Stay #2am

@missA_min: Good mood day. Why? kya kya kya kya kya #hush #yesterday #tookalotofselca


@missA_fei: Take care don’t catch a cold ♥


@missA_jia: Eating fried chicken in the afternoon is okay

@missA_jia: #HUSH #Just Stay 😔☝️

@missA_jia: Only the last one left! Fighting

@missA_jia: Fans you all did well!! Tiring but liked it! See you again ke

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