[Trans/Twitter] 131114-16 miss A twitter updates [3P]

Credits: miss A twitter
Translated by: http://www.missacn.com, @A_FeiFacts
Take out with full credits thanks!

@missA_min: Sailing Souls Full Album is good.

@missA_min / @missA_suzy: rhythmking


@missA_min: See you later . Aih so happy so happy kkap dance kkap dance

@missA_min: The happy moment after so long . Thank you for coming even with this cold weather, and again thank you. Goodnight +_+

@missA_fei: it’s been a while since the last sign♥♥ I want to go now~~See you later^^


@missA_jia: Today’s fansign was so fun! Thank you so much ~careful not to catch a cold!!

@missA_suzy: On the way to fansign !



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