[Trans/Twitter] 131110-11 miss A twitter updates [1P]

Credits; miss A twitter
Translated by: missAnews & http://www.missacn.com
Take out with full credits thanks!

@missA_min: Thank you. Hurry go to sleep. See you later. I love you all.

@missA_min: Hush chocolate is so yummy. So yummy.

@missA_fei: Today did well too; it’s tiring right ? Hurry and go rest & see you tomorrow ~ Today’s prepared food is also delicious, fei water also gave me energy ~ ! Thank you so much ~ ♥♥ Goodnight everyone

@missA_fei: Pepero day ~~ So amazing ♥ What are all of you doing today?

@missA_jia: Really not that easy~ It’s late already but you all still did so well!! jjang!! jjang!! heart biong biong! Goodnight zzz

@missA_suzy: Thank you all so much
It’s very delicious
I love you
I miss you



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