[Trans/Twitter] 130927 Fei and Suzy twitter updates [1P]

Credits: Fei, Suzy & Ayeon twitter
Translated by: http://www.missacn.com
Take our with full credits, thanks.

@missA_suzy: Arrived at Gwangju! See you at Chosun College! See you later yoohoo

@missA_fei: @100ayeon Ayeon ah~ Ho Jun oppa had your cd and your bear in my car~~ Now other than your song I can’t hear other sounds in the car! Hahaha

@100ayeon reply to Fei: Hehehe unni! Thank you keke Next time have to let me ride (the car) Haha ♥

@missA_fei reply to Ayeon: Okay~~~ Wait a while more~



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