[Trans/Twitter/Weibo] 130919-20 Jia and Fei celebrates Chuseok with China line [4P]

Credits: SJM Zhou Mi & Tasty twitter & weibo
Translated by: missAnews, @teukables @scarkyu
Take out with full credits thanks.

@tastytwins0809: Happy Chuseok!!!^^@zhoumi_419 @missA_jia @


@zhoumi_419: the china line in Korea!!really happyㅠㅠ everyone(,) have an enjoyable chuseok too^^ missA & sj-M & exo-M & Tasty & Fiestar & Wonder girls


@大龙小龙Tasty:@HZT-ao @missA霏 @missA佳 @周觅_SJM Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! Didn’t imagine that this year’s mid-autumn festival will be this happy!!

Fei reply: Happy mid-autumn festival~~~ Goodnight everyone


@周觅_SJM: It’s been 7 years since I’ve been in Korea. This is my first time feeling such warmth. Every year, we can’t go home to spend Mid Autumn Festival, but this year, things are different. Finally, we are no longer lonely and have all gathered to spend this holiday in each other’s company. I cannot express how warm and touched I feel. We are ‘China line’. Feel so happy to be with my ‘family’ that is full of mutual love. Wishing everyone a Happy Autumn Festival!

Fei reply: Goodnight buddies~~~ Today was so fun till my throat hurts



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