[Trans/Twitter] 130916-18 miss A twitter updates [1P]

Credits: miss A twitters
Translated by: @forsuzy94, @A_FeiFacts, missAnews
Take out with full credits, thanks.

@missA_suzy: It would be nice to be together but I only can watch over you from a distance.

@missA_suzy: Once a part, never apart.

@missA_suzy: I want to eat a lot of songpyeon
nyam nyam yummy yummy
(Notes: songpyeon is the dish that Korean people eat in Chuseok)

@missA_jia: Happy Chuseok everyone❤

@missA_fei: http://youtu.be/k-mOYFNiovs What happened with lee hyeon jin yesterday was disappointing ~ next time make sure you’ll win 14 times !!miss A will cheer for you^^


@missA_fei: @llama_ajol Happy birthday♥*♥♥

@missA_min: Confession.


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