[Trans/Twitter] 130909 miss A tweets their support for JYP’s new song

Credits: miss A twitter
Translated by: http://www.missacn.com
Take out with full credits, thanks.

@missA_jia RT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-GhkCWuihA&feature=youtube_gdata_player Checked PD’s MV once I came back to Korea! ke so handsome! I got shocked when I saw white hair in the company. Now I know why he did that after watching the MV! keke New song big hit! fighting PD

[Both Min & Suzy also retweeted JYP’s tweet below on his new song^^]
@followjyp: Waited for the whole album tracks right? Please leave some comments. All of your comments will give me more strength…Hope you like the album.. Wow!! Indeed

@missA_fei reply: I’ve got curious since the day PDnim you dyed your hair! Indeed! The best!

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